Our Story



 Fishbrain Australia started out many years ago as an expression rather than a brand. We spent countless hours flicking lures with no success, resulting in an inebriated state…. Fishbrain. What initially began as a fishing team, proposed podcast (that never happened) and boat name, has now become a fishing and adventure lifestyle.

We (Chas & Mad) had always wanted to own and operate an apparel brand and thought why not start now, so we bit the bullet and Fishbrain Australia was born in 2022.

Slowly but surely, we have grown a small following and designed apparel and accessories that we believe will make us stand out from the rest. Blending our love for tattoos and fishing, to provide apparel that you can wear on the water or to gatherings with mates. We’re learning plenty along the way and are looking forward to continuously improving and expanding our designs.

Our end goal? We want all customers and supporters to feel like part of the Fishbrain Australia crew. We have huge ambitions with what we could do when the brand is successful including giving back to the communities in which we live, work and play. While we can’t share all of our secrets just yet, we believe some of the ideas we have and the work we will do, will benefit many people!

We would love to have you all along for the ride. Stay up to date with our socials and don’t forget to share your stories, good, bad and ugly. We appreciate the tremendous amount of support we’ve received in the short period of time and thank you all for the love!

Chas & Mad